Barraki (Group)


The Barraki were once proud rulers. They ruled the Six Kingdoms, and worked together to conquer other lands. They eventually decided that other nations were not enough to rule. They wanted the universe itself.

So then it began. The nations went to war, attacking wherever they could. Then the final battle came. The battle was quick. The Leaders had been plotting in their tents when the Makuta army struck. They franticly atempted to organize a defence, but they lost and were taken captive.

Once in the hands of Makuta Teridax, they expresed their goal to defeat Mata Nui and conquer the universe. He planned to exicut them for their treasonous ideas. But, just before the exicution had been carried out, a member of the Order of Mata Nui apeared and banished them to the Pit. It is assumed that this is what stirred the evil in Makuta's heart, but thatis not for certain.

Known Members


  • Nocturn - (Deceassed)
  • Rahi armies - (Formerly)

Barraki (Word)

Barraki is the Matoran word for 'warlord'.

It was adopted as the title for the Barraki (Group) after they were thrown into the pit. It was meant to strike fear into the hearts of Matoran.

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