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Canon InformationEdit

Original Saga (Plastic Saga)Edit


The original Beyblade logo.

The original saga of Beyblade followed a kid named Tyson. He used his "Blade" to battle people. He eventually met his friends, Kenny, Kai, Max, and Ray. They all battled together in the BBA (Beyblade Battling Accossiation) World Chamionships. In all three seasons of it, they broke up, and got back together to battle some common foe. The Blades on the show were made of metal, when in real life they were made of plastic. That is why sometimes the Original Saga is called the Plastic Saga.

Metal SagaEdit

Brand logo

The new Beyblade logo.

This series follows a boy named Gingka Hagane. His father (supposedly) died, giving Gingks his bey, Storm Pegasus. Gingka befriends some people; Kenta, Madoka, Benkai, Kyoya, and Tsubasa are just some. The first season follows the gang as they battle in the WBBA (World Beyblade Battling Accossiation) Survival Challenge. A young boy by the name of Yu wins the challenge with his Flame Libra. He then commissions a battle called "Battle Bladers". Gingka has to fight off the mighty Phoenix blader to become part of Battle Bladers. At the end of the season, the gang finds out Phoenix is actually Gingka's dad, Ryo Hagane. In the next season, it follows the gang in the WBBA World Chamionships; to see who is the best in the world. The Japan team, Gan Gan Galaxy, wins the A Block finals, and goes onto the B Block. They battle all the way to the Finals, where they battle American team, Starbreaker.

Fanon InformationEdit

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  • LEGO may have made the Ninjago spinner theme to keep up with the battle-top craze.
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