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Welcome to the BLSW Club Wiki

If you're wondering about our name, it means: B:Beyblade; L:LEGO; SW:Star Wars. If you like any of those, you can feel right at home here. We will have pages devoted to each of the selected likes, and we will have a Fanon center too! Please come talk to JediForJesus, our founder, or our Admins if you have any questions. Thank you, and play on!

What We're About

This wiki is all about you! If you like Beyblade, go here. If you like LEGO, go here. If you like Star Wars, go here. We also have many fanon pages. Each fanon page has the essentials for you to make your own Fanon. Please help us by cleaning up articles, and adding pages. If you are here just to chat, we have Member Chat and anonymous chat. Remember that if you would like to be Administrator, you will have to have a number of requirements. And if you would like to edit pages or add pages, please follow the BLSW's Manual of Style, and please follow the rules Thank you!


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User of the Month

You can nominate a user here. If there are no nominations each month, then JFJ, the founder will pick a random user. The prize for winning is... YOU GET YOUR PICTURE ON THE WORDMARK!!!!

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