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Hey there, I'm JFJ. I'm a nice person, once you get to know me! :p But really, I hope we can be friends! Now... Let me tell you a little about myself...


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I am an avid fan of Beyblade. I would say I got into it when I was... 6, maybe? My siblings used to play with the old, plastice beys. Those thigs broke in a heartbeat. BUT THAT'S THE FUN OF IT! (XD) Yeah, I got into the Metal Saga in, like, 2010, near the end of Metal Fusion. I have been following EVERY episode of Metal Masters, and can't WAIT for Metal Fury. Well, alwthough I only have like three Metal Saga beys, I still have fun with them!
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Now I have ALWAYS been a fan of LEGO. they just amaze me. I played with the DUPLO blocks when I was a kid, and make AMAZING creations with the small ones now. In fact, if you scroll down, I'll have a slideshow of my creations! :D But, I know, you probably don't care about that...


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Are you a fan of Star Wars? Well if you aren't, then you DEFIDENTLY won't get some of my logic. I have ALWAYS been into Star Wars... well.. maybe not when I was a baby... :p STAR WARS RULES!!!! Plus, I play CWA (Clone Wars Adventures). If you would like to reach me, I'm David Feircefighter. :D
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Ah, alas. We are coming to the end. But just as ALL endings are good, this one will be AWESOME. Now where do I start... I've been into Avatar for a while; mostly since it came out. But ever since LoK (Legend of Korra) has come out, I've felt more... connected to it. Let's just say... IT'S AWESOME!!!! My fav character: Mako; second fav: MEELO!!!!!!!; third: Pabu. All the others are the same to me. :P

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Air1 HAS to be my FAVORITE RADIO STATION EVER!!!!! Most times when I'm not building, on the computer (well sometimes), or watching TV/playing video games, I will listen to Air1. You HAVE to tune in to it on Fridays at 6:30 PM ET (Eastern Time). Brant Hansen has this little thing he does called... wait for it... wait for it... CLUB AWESOME!!!!! You can call in (to 888-946-2471 [888-WIN-Air1]) and tell Brant WHATEVER YOU WANT IN THE CLUB, AND YOU CAN HAVE IT!!!!!!! The CLUB is only limited to your imagination!

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Manafest - Every Time You Run

Manafest - Every Time You Run

Manafest - "Every Time You Run"

Manafest - "Never Let You Go" (Official Music Video)

Manafest - "Never Let You Go" (Official Music Video)

Manafest - "Never Let You Go"

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Only look ABOVE^ JFJ

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