"Sorry for the damage. Send us the bill!"

-Voltix in Breakout
Volitx Pic 1

Voltix escaping from Hero Factory lockup



Not much is known about Voltix's past, but it can be assumed that he is a villian of great reputation because of the early events in Breakout, when he is being brought into Hero Factory Lockup. While he is being walked to his cell, he is mocked by the other villians.

But they stop mocking him when he shattered the sphere that contained Von Nebula's Black Hole Staff making a vortex appeared and the cell doors openned, allowing all the villians in Hero Factory's custody to escape. He then fled to Tansari VI.

Hero Jimi Stringer was assigned to capture Voltix. When he arrived, he tried to cuff Voltix, but Voltix zapped the cuffs and overloaded them. Stringer proceeded to fire off shots at Voltix, eventually finding his cuffs. But when he dove for them, Voltix zapped him, knocking him unconscious.

Volix began to hook himself up to power cells. Stringer came to wile Voltix was doing this, and atempted to stop him. Stringer eventually jumped on Voltix's back, and unplugged him. Voltix was then cuffed and returned to Hero Factory.


In Betablade, Voltix is one of 10 characters from the Hero Factory universe to crash land on Mystraz.


Voltix holds an Electro Tenticle and Meteor Launcher (Or some varient of it). He can 'Spit' electricity from two valves on either side of his head. His helmet is identical to Black Phantom's and Speeda Demon's.



  • Breakout


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